Homebrew – I Wish You Weren’t A Lesbian

Pure gold

And now someone has sent me the lyrics, enjoy
Oh what a specimen of excellence
Your measurments are testament to estrogen
My hevan sent angel in lepord skin
Fuck I wish you wernt a lesbian
But then again I should have gussed it from those black docs
And all the girls you were wif with the flat tops
And at the jukebox I should have read the hidden message
Cause your girlfriend was dancing to melissa ethridge
Should have geussed it cause it was painfully obvious
Your into chicks cuz your sick of all the cock-yness
And broken promises cause I aint no misogynous
Look im not your average guy, cause im a guy-nacologist
So tell me what your problem is, show me all your setbacks
Your heart and your neck tatts and underarm sweat patch
I love a girl in jet black with the volvo and pet cats
Who likes to drink beer,smoke weed and watch the test match
So let me be where you are, standing in the front row playing air guitar
Anika I love it when you sing its like I hear your heart
And I don’t even care that you don’t wear a bra,
hold me in your hairy arms, tell me what you like to do
I can do everything a dyke can do, you like pussy, I like it too
You be thelma im louise
We will be togther forever like we were siamse, holding hands, climbing trees, watching womens MMA,
WNBA, drinking beer at the netball
Checking out Jenny May, tell you how to spend the day, I just want to entertain
Watch you call a dyke on a motorbike ?       Renegade
I know your staying loyal, you got a girl and I think its cool that she can change your oil
But im just saying, that shit is sizzling, and she isint listening, and your sick of scissoring,
Give me a call

Shout to Anika Moa, shes a real good bitch


~ by keepthepiece on September 15, 2010.

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