Fat Freddy’s Live at Roundhouse London

“As any long-term fan knows, ‘live and direct’ is the very best way to feel the mercurial magic of Fat Freddy’s Drop. Onstage performance is the life-blood of their music, which evolves in a spontaneous, eclectic and collective experience.” Jon Lusk, Guardian, UK

Fat Freddy’s Drop is proud to announce the release of Live at Roundhouse documenting an epic night of music at London’s legendary Roundhouse in December 2008.

Captured at the second of two luminous nights at the converted rail roundhouse in Camden, the album is a six-track ride featuring The Camel, The Raft, Flashback, Pull The Catch, The Nod and Shiverman. The packed out show was the finale of a six-week European tour that laid the foundation for the band’s studio recording of Dr Boondigga & The Big BW released the following year.

The Roundhouse, infamous in the 60s for hosting the UK underground from Led Zeppelin to The Doors and Jimi Hendrix, is light years away from Freddy’s only other live album release Live at The Matterhorn but it carries the tradition of the band relaxing into the music, improvising and shifting through the riffs and rhythms to the crescendo that is Shiverman.

Guardian writer Jon Lusk who has contributed liner notes for Fat Freddy’s Drop Live at Roundhouse described Fat Freddy’s Drop as “lost in music in the best way possible.”

“There’s Dallas in a dapper waistcoat, softly knocking a fist against his chest in a silent, grateful answer to the love from the whãnau. During The Raft, it’s the first time most of us have seen him strap on a guitar. And yes, that is a real live drummer – Riki Gooch of Trinity Roots’ renown – sparring brilliantly with Mu’s MPC on Pull The Catch. Up on a riser at the back, Dobie Blaze holds sway, poised then pouncing cat-like on a battery of vintage keys. Beside him, Jetlag Johnson is coolly resplendent in lavalava chic. As well as his usual tightly percussive strum, he’s got a fuzz-box and he uses it! And Ho Pepa sometimes does cray-zee things to a bass… so hip-swivelling shimmies and long, cool trombone tones are not his only suits. Hiding shyly under sunnies and a pork pie hat, Chopper Reedz is the newest member, his complex sax doodles contrasting with Ho Pepa and Toby’s more straight-ahead blasts of brass. And MC Slave brings his ‘outdoor flow’ to The Nod, in a feisty rap that nearly steals the show.”
1. The Camel (00:13:29)
2. The Raft (00:16:11
3. Flashback (00:12:16)
4. Pull the Catch (00:10:54)
5. The Nod (00:10:17)
6. Shiverman (00:15:58)

Total Running Time 01:19:05

For more info and sales – Amplifier.co.nz


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